HUMANOX successfully closes the first round of capital increase with one million euros.

HUMANOX Soccer has just completed its first round of investors, managing to increase its capital by one million euros through the creation of new social shares. The emerging company, which has launched the world’s first connected carbon shin guards, is boosting its business project with this first step during this time, when investments are very limited due to the effects and consequences of the covid-19 pandemic.

The startup has begun to close contracts with different first division football clubs to provide their smart shin guards, not only to the first teams and their subsidiaries, but also to their respective football quarries, extending the project to all clubs linked to them.

Although the HUMANOXsmart shin guards are preferably aimed at grassroots football, with more than a million sport licenses in Spain alone, professional football has had such a big response, that the startup has open negotiations with more than eight professional football clubs that have shown their interest in them.

Among the agreements already signed, is the progressive implantation of smart shin guards among all Osasuna’s youth soccer within their innovative “Cantera Salud” program, through which the  club from Navarra aspires to monitor the performance and the health status of more than 16.000 children. Another club that has already signed on to use the HUMANOX HX50 is the recently promoted to La Liga Santander, Cádiz Club de Fútbol, which will become the first team to use them on the spanish league. 

The incorporation of these smart shin guards to the market represents a revolution in the football world, as there has not been, until now, any device connected to m2m technology that could offer in real time metrics on sports performance and the player’s health, while being integrated on it’s equipment.

With HUMANOX’S HX50, unlimited possibilities open up thanks to Big Data and intelligent algorithms in a variety of fields: from optimizing scouting tasks, to early detection of talent, reducing health risks associated with playing soccer or the improvement of sporting performance of any professional or amateur player, among other possibilities.

HUMANOX uses its own technology, capable of extracting up to 50.000 bits of raw data per game or training session, obtained from the reading of the physical state and performance of each player made by the intelligent shin guards, adding to these technological capabilities the maximum level of passive protection for the player, being a device integrated into the latest generation carbon fiber shin guards, as resistant as steel.

The data collected is unique to each player and is translated into more than 40 different metrics though the HUMANOX platform and are monitored though a mobile phone, tablet or computer in real time, including the body temperature measurement during the first five minutes of wear, heart rate, fatigue index, force of the impact received, speed, calories…, up to level of dehydration.

With this capital increase, HUMANOX “reinforces the confidence of investors in this business project, with its first product on the market, the smart and connected HX50 shin guards, and strengthens their development and independence in the application of their business plan”, assesses Rafael Contreras, co-founder of the technology startup.

It’s “a very important step considering we have only just begun to glimpse the potential that carbon fiber shin guards have measuring the performance and health status of the player in real time, for the first time, and in the later developments that all of those metrics and millions of bits of data will have at the football level”.

“At HUMANOX we are convinced that we are going to be an essential “player” at a global level in the revolution that, for a sport such as football, until now quite analogical and with a slow migration to digital, will mean the incorporation of smart and connected devices, like the one we have created”.