HUMANOX wins the Reimagine Football Award granted by UEFA and the EU

HUMANOX has won the Reimagine Football Award, in the International Football Innovation Platform category, against 329 other companies from 38 different countries that were competing for the Best Participation Award in Amateur and Recreational Football.

The awards have been promoted by the European Union, UEFA, KPMG, KMVB (Dutch football federation), the City Football Club (that brings together the main European football cities), AFC Ajax and the Johann Cruyff Arena, a Dutch stadium that hosted the jury when making their final decision, broadcasted by video conference.

All of them have launched the initiative of these Reimagine Football Awards, where companies from all over the world, from startups to large corporations, have presented smart innovations to reinvent football in the context of COVID-19: how to keep fans engaged while they cannot visit stadiums, how to create a safe and attractive environment for fans, players and staff in stadiums and how to allow youth and fans to continue playing and enjoying soccer.

Rafael Contreras, co-founder of Humanox, has declared “The fact that European football recognizes that the first intelligent and connected shin guards in the world that we have created at HUMANOX, are an innovation that is going to revolutionize the king of sports, fills us with satisfaction and motivation to keep working on a technological device that meets a real need in the world of football”. 

HUMANOX’S participation in these awards has been based in the world’s novelty of an intelligent and connected device, unique in the world, which in addition to providing the passive protection of carbon shin guards, are equipped with smart sensors that detect over 50.000 bits of real time raw data per player, that translates into 40 health and performance metrics. Starting with the measurement of the player’s temperature in the first five minutes – in the case of fever, issues an alert, an important control data at these times – It yields statistics such as speed, heart rate, kick strength, impacts received, sprinting time or heat map, among many others.

The HUMANOX spirit, according to its co-founders, “goes far beyond being a very useful tool for big teams, because we are also focused on amateur football, which for the first time has a device that provides information based on the player’s health, something that until now was linked to professional football exclusively.

In addition to health data that “gives parents peace of mind”, it is a device that “opens a path full of possibilities for scouting teams and coaches, since for the first time they can make decisions with reliable and objective informations thanks to Big Data on performance that is created about any category and anywhere”.

Several top teams hace shown their interest in these smart and connected shin guards to date, with two La Liga teams having already signed agreements with HUMANOX to use their smart shin guards, such as Club Atlético Osasuna, for the Cantera y Salud Program; and Cádiz Club de Fútbol.

In the case of the team from Navarra, over 16.000 children from their affiliated and associated clubs will be using them to combine health with sports practice; while the recently promoted to the First Division, Cádiz C.F, will be using them on the first team and all of its lower sections, and will become the first team in the Spanish League to use them, while also implementing them on a sports talent discovery program among all the football clubs linked to the Cadiz Football Club throughout the province of Cádiz, in which is estimated that 10.000 smart shin guards will be used.