HUMANOX, new official sponsor of Osasuna Women

HUMANOX will be the main sponsor of Osasuna Women in the 2020/21 season. After the agreement, the technology startup’s logo will start appearing on the jerseys of the Fundación Osasuna Femenino’s first two teams, which will both compete in Reto Iberdrola and Primera Nacional respectively. The footballers will start wearing their HUMANOX printed clothing next weekend, when both teams make their debut on their corresponding competitions. Osasuna Women B will open the season playing, in Tajonar against C.D Castellón tomorrow at 11:30 am; while the first team will visit Zaragoza C.F.F at 12:00pm next sunday.

The agreement reached means one more step in the relationship between Club Atlético Osasuna and HUMANOX, which, together with Telefónica, will develop the Cantera Salud program in the next four years, a novel initiative aimed at improving the performance and health of the players of the entity. At the center of the project are HUMANOX’S innovative smart shin guards. The data the XH50 provide is processed through the HUMANOX soccer digital platform, based on data management linked to the use of the HX50 shin guards, made of carbon fiber, a very light and durable material, and equipped with intelligent sensors that offer thousands of data regarding the player who uses them, referring to their state of health or performance, during training sessions or during official matches, all in real time thanks to the mobile connectivity offered by Telefónica.

The data gathered is more than 50.000 bits per game, which it’s unique to each player, is then translated into 40 different metrics that are monitored on the player’s or coaching staff’s mobile phone, tablet or computer, including heart rate, fatigue index, force of the impacts received, speed, calories consumed, or movements on the field represented by a heat map and visualized through Google Earth on the app. Taking into account health and safety during the game, the HX50 smart shin guards include a temperature sensor that emits an alert through the app within the first five minutes the player is wearing them if the temperature surpasses the threshold for which you are considered to have a fever. This feature acquires special relevance in these times, where COVID-19 and its prevention is an important element in competitions and training.

Rafael Contreras, co-founder of HUMANOX, proclaims about the sponsorship “From HUMANOX, we are satisfied to be able to support a team such as Osasuna, specially the women’s team, so they can continue reaping success. I am happy to contribute to the improvement of the performance and care of the players though HUMANOX technology”