HUMANOX helps you monitor your heart rate during the game

It’s believed that monitoring and controlling your training sessions is only meant for professional athletes, but in order to be able to practice sports safely and efficiently, it’s advisable to be aware of certain metrics, even if you do not compete professionally. At HUMANOX, we are very aware of this.

One of the key metrics is the heart rate. Knowing your heart rate can be very useful, since it can tell you, through figures, how well you are adapting to a new training session or a game, offering a very large amount of information about your performance and your physical health, even facilitating the detection of cardiovascular problems.

With our HUMANOX HX50 smart shin guards, you can get information about your heart rate, and its real time relationship with your performance and speed. In addition, our shin guards are capable of measuring and calculating a wide number of metrics related to cardiovascular health, such as the average heart rate, the maximum pulse and the optimal frequency of training

The real-time monitoring of all of these metrics, in addition to the fatigue index and recovery time, ensures you that your children can play more safely, as well as offering the possibility of improving their performance in the game and their ability to recover.

HUMANOX HX50 smart shin guards measure more than forty metrics related not only to yours and your children’s physical health, but also measure many others related to the player’s game, making available to all players a kind of technology only available to professionals until now.