HUMANOX sends a fever alert for a safe game

COVID-19 has affected all aspects of people’s lives around the globe, and soccer has been no exception. Both health authorities and soccer federations worldwide have had to create new measures to ensure that this sport can continue to be played in the safest way possible during this  time.

At HUMANOX, we are aware of the importance of the existence of devices that facilitate that all soccer players, from professional competition to youth soccer, get to practice this sport while protecting their health and everyone’s around them. Because of this, we have equipped our HX50 smart shin guards with a temperature alarm sensor, which issues an alert if the player’s exceed 38ºC during the first 5 minutes of wear, all from your mobile phone or tablet.

The concept of mobile-assisted health, or mHealth, is already recognized by the World Health Organization, and according to it “has come to stay”. The HUMANOX HX50 can be considered a mHealth device, monitoring health, democratizing access to information related to the state of our body, and monitoring it.

In Europe, the European MHealth Hub is led from Spain, specifically from Andalucía. An initiative where all member states participate, the EC itself, and the World Health Organization, and that “collects and shares national experiences to help countries and regions establish mHealth programs at a global level.

Thanks to a technology that ranges from geolocation, miniature sensors or high sensitivity microphones, together with 2G/3G communications, HUMANOX works anywhere in the world, making it possible for football fans to practice it safely, and bringing this concept of “mobile assisted health” closer to sports, with the aim of improving people’s quality of life.