Football benefits for children

Football is one of the most practiced sports in the world, even being part of the culture on some countries and having become such an ingrained tradition that children all over the world are also great fans of this sport and its famous teams. But football is more than just a mass sport: practicing it brings many health benefits, and at HUMANOX, we want them to be able to practice it in the safest way possible

The physical advantages that football brings are innumerable, from improving motor coordination, since it requires constant body movement, to streghthening muscles and bones or helping children maintain a healthy weight, a very important topic nowadays, since according to the World Health Organization “The number of obese children and adolescents between the ages of 9 and 15 has multiplied by ten in the world in the last four decades”.

With HUMANOX H50 smart shin guards, you can monitor a wide range of metrics related to your son’s or daughter’s health through your mobile phone, such as heart rate or calories burned, all of this while they play or train with the shin guards on.

This being said, football does not only provide health benefits, it is also a great way of socialization for boys and girls, favoring communication skills development and promoting teamwork, while also helping to overcome shyness and improving self esteem, making the practice of this sport highly recommended for them.

In addition, to guarantee a safe practice during the covid-19 pandemic, HUMANOX has equipped the HX50 smart shin guards with a body temperature measurement system, which emits an alert if it exceeds 38ºC during the first 5 minutes of wear.