HUMANOX merges together technology and sports

Technology is evolving at a very fast pace; nowadays it’s almost impossible to imagine any area of our life that doesn’t benefit from technological advances, and the field of sports is no exception. Still, there are certain metrics about physical condition or performance that have always been out of reach for amateur athletes.

At HUMANOX we work with the best IoT and Big Data technology, along with real-time connectivity provided by Telefonica,  and we want to make it accesible for all athletes, wether they compete professionally or not. Iván Contreras, HUMANOX co-founder, assures that “Our goal is to apply technology to real life, without adding elements that are not commonly used”.

Our smart shin guards are the world’s first connected carbon shin guards, measuring approximately 50.000 bits of raw data for every player, and in every training session or match. This is translated to over 40 metrics related to the player’s health and performance. From heart rate or calories burned, to the force of the impacts received, these shin guards allow footballers from all categories to be able to exploit their full potential while taking care of their health.

In addition, the HUMANOX platform is capable of storing the player’s entire football life, creating a history of data that offers a wide range of new possibilities for trainers and players themselves.

HUMANOX has turned an element that was already in the lives of many football players, such as shin guards, and together with our IoT and Big Data solutions and real-time connectivity provided by Telefónica, has turned them into a great ally for players and coaches, especially in youth soccer, bringing this category to a type of technology that had always been out of reach, and facilitating tasks such as scouting or injury prevention.