HUMANOX makes technology available for youth soccer

Grassroots footballs or youth soccer is a term used to refer to football categories in which boys and girls that have not yet reached a professional level play. In these teams the players receive the first basic football lessons that will help them develop as footballers.

This training is essential for children’s growth in football, as it lays the foundations for their future in terms of technical issues and understanding of the game, as well as refining their physical qualities. At HUMANOX we are aware of the difference that an appropriate training can have for children, and our goal is to put the best technology in football at their disposal, which had only been available to professional teams up until now.

Thanks to the HX50 shin guards it’s possible to monitor children’s health while they play football, something that up until now was only possible in professional categories. The HX50 provide detailed information on metrics such as heart rate, maximum heart rate, recovery time or fatigue index. Knowing all of this guarantees a safe practice for children, and it can be useful to avoid possible injuries or to facilitate early detection of latent pathologies.

In addition, the HX50 are equipped with a body temperature sensor able to issue an alert if the user’s temperature goes above 38ºC during the first five minutes of use, in order to support grassroots football and take care of children during the pandemic.

The HUMANOX HX50 smart shin guards collect more than 50.000 bits of raw data for each player and in every game or training session, and the HUMANOX platform transforms it into more than 40 metrics about their health and performance. This data can be monitored in real time though the HUMANOX app, and gets stored so it can be analyzed to understand the origin of possible injuries, making transfers from club to club or simply to improve the player’s performance.