HUMANOX in the FootballTech 2020 Report by SportsTechX

SportsTechX is the world’s leading source of data and information on startups related to technology and sports and their surrounding environment, with the general objective of growing the international ecosystem, being a benchmark for all startups in the sports and technological world. 

In addition, SportsTechX publishes reputable reports on technology in sports, such as the recent FootballTech Report 2020, where representatives from some of the most important clubs and organizations in the world have participated: Jean-Baptiste Alliot, from the UEFA Innovation Hub; Minerva Santana from LaLiga; Mathieu Lacome, from Paris Saint-Germain; Albert Mundet, from the Barça Innovation Hub; Stefan Mennerich, from Bayern Munich; or Giel Kirkels, from KNVB and Sander Van Stiphout, International Director of the Johan Cruyff Arena, who mention HUMANOX in an interview present in the report as one of the startups that have contributed to the adaptation of football in the Covid-19 pandemic context.

HUMANOX has been highlighted for its funding’s success, as well as its innovative character in the field of sports tech and being awarded the Reimagine Football Award, an initiative promoted by the European Union, UEFA, KPMG, KMVB, City Football Group, AFC Ajax and Johan Cruyff Arena, aiming to reinvent football during the pandemic: how to keep fans engaged while they cannot visit stadiums, how to create a safe environment for fans and stadium staff and how to allow youth and fans to continue enjoying football.

The company is led by Benjamin Penkert, a Sportstech  expert who has worked as a consultant and strategy expert for large companies before joining the start up community; and Rohn Malholtra, who has also had an interesting career as a consultant and company co-founder. Together they have developed a structured framework for the SportsTech industry, in addition to hosting a podcast and appearing as keynote speakers at events and conferences.

SporsTechX supports startups in their business development and works with investors and organizations from the technological and sports world and related industries, offering services in the fields of innovation strategy, market intelligence and startup initiatives. The mention in the FootballTech Report 2020 consolidates HUMANOX as a leading startup in the sports technology field that has revolutionized football, especially grassroots football, making this type of technology available for all categories of this sport.