Humanox, creator of the X-PAD, new Official Sponsor of Cádiz C.F.

Humanox, a technological company focused on health and sports and creator of the X-PAD, becomes the new sponsor of Cádiz C.F for the next three seasons.

Cádiz, January 9th, 2021. HUMANOX, the health and sports tech company and creator of the X-PAD, has signed a sponsorship agreement with Cádiz C.F through which it becomes the Club’s Official Sponsor for the next three seasons. The act where the agreement took place was formalized at the Ciudad Deportiva Bahía de Cádiz, with the presence of the Club’s President, Manuel Vizcaíno, the Captains and main Coaches, and Montserrat Medina, Global Commercial Director at HUMANOX. The company’s logo will appear on the back of the first team’s jersey, above each player’s number.

HUMANOX launched the X-PAD in 2020, the world’s first carbon fiber connected shin guards, capable of collecting more than 50.000 bits of raw data from a player in a single match. The data, unique to each player, is processed through the HUMANOX digital platform and translated into more that 40 metrics that can be monitored on the player’s or coaches’s mobile device or computer. These metrics include variables such as heart rate, fatigue index, force of impacts received, speed, calories burned or position on the field represented by a heat map displayed on the app.

Taking health and safety into account, the X-PAD includes a temperature sensor that emits an alert if the player has a fever during the first five minutes of use. This acquires special relevance during these times, where prevention is a constant element in competitions and in training.

The X-PAD are unique in the world due to their characteristics, since they combine the capabilities of a mobile phone, the protection of a shin guard with advanced materials such as carbon fiber and a whole set of sensors with real-time connectivity that makes them  something new and different. The X-PAD is the device that welcomes you to the HUMANOX ecosystem, in which digital platform you can find sport, health, competition and training services. A whole enviroment dedicated to improve people’s daily life. HUMANOX and the X-PAD received the Reimagine Football Award 2020 granted by the UEFA Innovation Hub, the Johan Cruyff Arena and the City Football Group, where 298 from 34 different countries participated. The award recognized the innovative and technological nature of the HUMANOX X-PADs applied to football in a very rapidly changing context.

Manuel Vizcaíno, President of the Club, states that “The agreement continues to bring Cádiz C.F. to the forefront of technology. Data is essential in the world we live in, and this is the best way to increase our performance and prevent injuries”.

Montserrat Medina, HUMANOX Global Commercial Director, assures that “HUMANOX is proud to support such an historic Club like Cádiz C.F, especially in this special season where the team is where it belongs, in Laliga Santander. Effort, work, and continued improvement are values that we share at HUMANOX  and recognize in Cádiz C.F”.