The HUOX Cardio Patch at the Mobile World Congress

Humanox presented the HUOX cardio patch, capable of performing an electrocardiogram in real time for 24 uninterrupted hours, at the Mobile World Congress. At the stand that Telefónica has in the Mobile, Iván Contreras, co-founder and co-CEO of Humanox, and Joaquín Martín, Director of Communication, presented the HUOX cardio patch to the press and professionals of the sector, a small and lightweight connected device intended for monitoring heart rate of any person autonomously.

Without the need for cables, weighing just 10 grams and measuring 55 millimeters high and 4 millimeters thick, the HUOX cardio patch offers temperature, heart rate and an EKG in real time. It uses disposable electrodes and is connected to a dedicated app for this purpose. The patch is presented with the aim of serving as a reference in the prevention of cardiac injuries and as a tool for monitoring and routine check-ups. It is intended for anyone who wants or needs to control the functioning of their heart for personal or professional reasons.

Humanox uses IOT technology and Artificial Intelligence in its devices, in addition to the connectivity of Telefónica, which is part of Humanox through Wayra. Thanks to all this, the HUOX cardio patch will be able to alert when there is an unusual pattern in the user’s cardiac behavior. Monitoring can be done for 24 hours straight, and the device has a battery recharging box that serves as a protector.

The patch has the possibility of being used autonomously and at the same time connecting to other devices via bluetooth. Among others, with the HX50 smart shin guards, offering another dimension to the health data they offer. This allows that the information on the physical state of the user can be integrated or completed with other sources of information and monitoring can be carried out remotely.

According to the Spanish Heart Foundation, there are 30,000 cardiac sudden deaths a year, including among these figures 1,000 deaths in young people between 15 and 30 years of age with an athlete profile. Iván Contreras, co-founder and co-CEO of Humanox, comments: “With events such as the recent collapse of the player Ericksen, we see, more than ever, the need to provide unique solutions for health and the prevention of injuries of various kinds. Collaboration with Telefónica Tech and the benefits of IOT technology are very important in this mission. The possibility of carrying out an electrocardiogram in your own home or during a game or training is of great value ”.

Javier Moreno, co-CEO of Humanox, assures: “Humanox, with the HUOX Cardio patch continues to advance in its product diversification strategy in the M-Health sector and bringing health and sports technology closer to people’s day-to-day lives, not only we democratize data, also highly technological devices ”.

The HUOX cardio patch is Humanox’s second product after it launched the only smart shin guards in the world in 2020, the HX50. In Spain they are already used by teams such as C.A. Osasuna, Cádiz C.F., or Racing de Santander, and for their innovation they received the UEFA Reimagine Football Award among 298 projects from 34 countries. If the smart shin guards put high technology at the service of footballers to monitor their health and performance, the HUOX cardio patch is one more step, as it can be used integrated with the shin guards and offers an electrocardiogram of the footballer while playing.

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