Humanox enters Luxembourg with Mamer 32 F.C.

Humanox continues its international expansion and this time opens a new market in Europe. The first team in Luxembourg using Humanox technology is the Mamer 32 F.C. The implementation of the HUOX Space platform, where the HX50 smart shin guards are integrated, has started with the first men’s team. From there, the Mamer 32 will extend the tool to other categories of the club. Specifically, the women’s team, which plays in the Luxembourg first division, and has won the league championship for five consecutive years.

The Mamer 32 F.C. is a team that will be 90 years old this season. It has almost 400 players distributed among 22 teams, and where the development of its grassroots players from 6 to 18 years old plays a fundamental role. Dean Léen, Vice President of the Mamer states “We are proud to be the first in Luxembourg to acquire a unique technology such as Humanox. We want to give the best to our players, both to the first teams and to the youth categories, and these smart shin guards can help us continue to evolve and win titles. “

Photo: Andjelko Makulin Left to right: Pedro Garcia, Joaquin Martin, Dean Léen, Vitor Pereira

Javier Moreno, co-CEO of Humanox, in reference to the international expansion of the company, says “We are pleased to work with the Mamer 32 F.C. as a customer. A serious club that applies technology in the care of its players. We are taking another step in Europe and entering a new market like Luxembourg, which in the last 20 years has bet heavily on youth football.” Luxembourg has 639,000 inhabitants and 39,000 federative licenses, that is, 6% of the population, which indicates the boom of football in this Central European country that occupies the first place in income per capita according to the IMF.

The Humanox team has been working with the technical staff of the Mamer 32 F.C. during the last months to support the implementation of the technology. Moreno completes, “Humanox has an international vocation from the beginning, and in the first part of 2021 we are executing our expansion plan successfully both in Europe and the US.”

As Pedro García, the club’s physical trainer, says, “We decided to work with the Humanox shin guards because we are very interested in knowing the individual and average physical load that the team can withstand.” Coach Vitor Pereira comments “Humanox data and metrics provide us with very valuable information both in training sessions and in games to get the best out of each player.”

Humanox entered the international scene  9 months ago when it won the UEFA Reimagine Football Award in October 2020, among 298 projects from 34 countries. From there, it opened subsidiaries in two of the most important markets in the world, Great Britain and the United States. In the latter, it has already signed 3 agreements to implant its smart shin guards in youth soccer academies in more than 12 states including Miami, New York, New Jersey, California, North Carolina, among others.