FIFA includes HUMANOX in its Innovation Programme

FIFA has welcomed HUMANOX in the FIP Program (FIFA Innovation Programme) for new technologies. Compared to other devices that are non-organic additions to a player’s equipment, the HUOX 50 shin guards are the only regulatory element that is already part of a footballer’s kit and that also provides information on monitoring, performance, and health.

The fact that Humanox shin guards offer other data in addition to tracking the player’s position and speed, such as heart rate, number of shots, calories, heat map, kicking speed, etc., is aligned with FIFA’s interest in exploring new technologies such as Humanox, to adjust or open new certification processes in the future.

In the FIFA Innovation Programme, together with HUMANOX, the Sports Data Campus – Catholic University of Murcia participates as an evaluating entity that will issue a report, and Cádiz CF, which will be the club where the shin guards will be used in different categories within of the different sessions that will take place in the FIFA Programme.

Nicolas Evans, Head of Football Research and Standards at FIFA says “The objective of the Innovation Programme is to better understand the potential of new innovations, in particular in light of making them more widely available to the football world. As such, working with tech companies such as Humanox can allow us to demonstrate added value for the game at many levels”.

Nicolas Evans, Head of Football Research and Standards at FIFA

Javier Moreno, CEO of Humanox declares “The fact that FIFA has included us in its innovation and new technologies program is a stimulus to our work to continue bringing the latest advances to football. Being the only smart device in the world that is part of a player’s kit is a breakthrough in non-invasive technology for both boys and girls and professionals. “

Humanox smart shin guards have already won the UEFA Reimagine Football Award in 2020, among 298 projects from 34 countries. This solution is currently applied by both professional teams from La Liga and the Primera RFEF in their different categories, as well as academies and amateur clubs in Spain, USA, Italy, Mexico among other countries.

Humanox already participated at the event that FIFA held last September at the Sevilla F.C. within its Electronic Performance Test System (EPTS) event. As part of the collaboration, in October, the company was invited to attend the annual Congress of the FIFA Quality Programme (FQP) that took place at the organization’s headquarters in Zurich.