Humanox and Clinica Universidad Navarra receive the Ennova Health Award

Humanox and the Clinica Universidad de Navarra have received the Ennova Health Award in the IOT, Ehealth and wearables category for their collaboration with the HUOX 50 smart shin guards. The award is given by Diario Médico  of the Unidad Editorial group.

The award ceremony was held in Madrid and according to the same organization, the Ennova Health Awards were born to recognize digital initiatives that add value, contribute to the sustainability of the system and improve the quality of life of patients.

On behalf of the Clinica Universidad de Navarra, the award was collected by Enrique Cabrera, and on the side of Humanox, the award was collected by Javier Moreno, CEO of the company. In Moreno’s words “Receiving an award in the e-health category for smart shin guards is a confirmation of our vision to go further with this IOT product. And  to share that award with a prestigious and first level organization such as the Clinica Universidad de Navarra is an honor that we are delighted with”.

The Clinica Universidad de Navarra and Humanox signed an agreement last May whereby the Hospital would use the anonymous data provided by the HUOX 50 for research and studies on the prevention of injuries at an early age, as well as the study of heart conditions.