Improve your sports diet with HUMANOX

We should all try to maintain a healthy diet. According to the World Health Organization “Eating a healthy diet throughout life helps prevent malnutrition in all its forms, as well as different non genetically transmitted diseases and disorders”. 

Even so, the consumption of ultra-processed foods has increased exponentially in recent years, unlike the consumption of healthy and fresh foods, which has decreased. This has a very negative impact, especially for the young population, which according to the Spanish Ministry of Health, already has an obesity percentage of 13,9% in Spain. The rates of childhood obesity are so high than the World Health Organization has declared it “one of the most serious public health problems of the 21st century”. Whether it is to  maintain a healthy weight, to loose weight or to gain it, keeping a balanced diet must be essential.

Diet has an even more important role when we are active and practice sports, since caloric consumption increases, and it’s necessary to adjust it according to the amount and intensity of the excercise performed. At HUMANOX, we are aware of the importance of a correct sports diet, and we have equipped our smart shin guards with technology that makes it possible to monitor your diet to maintain your sports performance.

The HX50 smart shin guards are capable of calculating the number of calories burned in each game or training session, and can also set a daily calorie goal. You can even check the accumulated weekly and monthly burned calories. Knowing all these metrics will allow you to reduce risk of injury, ensure a faster recovery and improve your performance while playing football. 

HUMANOX selected among the best Spanish startups in 2020

HUMANOX has been selected by The Startup Pill, a global community based in London where startup founders, investors and consultants share resources, as one of the best Spanish startups founded in 2020. The selected startups have a wide variety of innovation approaches both inside and outside of Spain and have been selected for their exceptional performance in categories such as innovation, growth, management and social impact. 

This adds to the recent recognition HUMANOX had by the Reimagine Football Platform, which awarded the company with the Reimagine Football Award in the Football Innovation Platform International Category, against 294 companies from 38 different countries. These awards are promoted by the European Union, UEFA, the KMVB (Royal Dutch Football Association), the City Football Club, the AFC Ajax and the Johann Cruyff Arena, and their aim is to reward football community cooperation and to contribute to the creation of a safe environment for soccer fans during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since its launch in March, HUMANOX managed to complete its first round of investors in July, increasing its capital by one million euros through the creation of new social shares. In addition, HUMANOX has closed contracts with first division football clubs and quarries.

HUMANOX participates in the Cantera Salud Program promoted by Club Atlético Osasuna. The project’s main goal is to improve the health and performance of the more than 16.000 players in its quarry with the collaboration of Telefónica, which favors the incorporation of IoT and Big Data solutions in the shin guards.

Football benefits for children

Football is one of the most practiced sports in the world, even being part of the culture on some countries and having become such an ingrained tradition that children all over the world are also great fans of this sport and its famous teams. But football is more than just a mass sport: practicing it brings many health benefits, and at HUMANOX, we want them to be able to practice it in the safest way possible

The physical advantages that football brings are innumerable, from improving motor coordination, since it requires constant body movement, to streghthening muscles and bones or helping children maintain a healthy weight, a very important topic nowadays, since according to the World Health Organization “The number of obese children and adolescents between the ages of 9 and 15 has multiplied by ten in the world in the last four decades”.

With HUMANOX H50 smart shin guards, you can monitor a wide range of metrics related to your son’s or daughter’s health through your mobile phone, such as heart rate or calories burned, all of this while they play or train with the shin guards on.

This being said, football does not only provide health benefits, it is also a great way of socialization for boys and girls, favoring communication skills development and promoting teamwork, while also helping to overcome shyness and improving self esteem, making the practice of this sport highly recommended for them.

In addition, to guarantee a safe practice during the covid-19 pandemic, HUMANOX has equipped the HX50 smart shin guards with a body temperature measurement system, which emits an alert if it exceeds 38ºC during the first 5 minutes of wear.

HUMANOX sends a fever alert for a safe game

COVID-19 has affected all aspects of people’s lives around the globe, and soccer has been no exception. Both health authorities and soccer federations worldwide have had to create new measures to ensure that this sport can continue to be played in the safest way possible during this  time.

At HUMANOX, we are aware of the importance of the existence of devices that facilitate that all soccer players, from professional competition to youth soccer, get to practice this sport while protecting their health and everyone’s around them. Because of this, we have equipped our HX50 smart shin guards with a temperature alarm sensor, which issues an alert if the player’s exceed 38ºC during the first 5 minutes of wear, all from your mobile phone or tablet.

The concept of mobile-assisted health, or mHealth, is already recognized by the World Health Organization, and according to it “has come to stay”. The HUMANOX HX50 can be considered a mHealth device, monitoring health, democratizing access to information related to the state of our body, and monitoring it.

In Europe, the European MHealth Hub is led from Spain, specifically from Andalucía. An initiative where all member states participate, the EC itself, and the World Health Organization, and that “collects and shares national experiences to help countries and regions establish mHealth programs at a global level.

Thanks to a technology that ranges from geolocation, miniature sensors or high sensitivity microphones, together with 2G/3G communications, HUMANOX works anywhere in the world, making it possible for football fans to practice it safely, and bringing this concept of “mobile assisted health” closer to sports, with the aim of improving people’s quality of life.

HUMANOX helps you monitor your heart rate during the game

It’s believed that monitoring and controlling your training sessions is only meant for professional athletes, but in order to be able to practice sports safely and efficiently, it’s advisable to be aware of certain metrics, even if you do not compete professionally. At HUMANOX, we are very aware of this.

One of the key metrics is the heart rate. Knowing your heart rate can be very useful, since it can tell you, through figures, how well you are adapting to a new training session or a game, offering a very large amount of information about your performance and your physical health, even facilitating the detection of cardiovascular problems.

With our HUMANOX HX50 smart shin guards, you can get information about your heart rate, and its real time relationship with your performance and speed. In addition, our shin guards are capable of measuring and calculating a wide number of metrics related to cardiovascular health, such as the average heart rate, the maximum pulse and the optimal frequency of training

The real-time monitoring of all of these metrics, in addition to the fatigue index and recovery time, ensures you that your children can play more safely, as well as offering the possibility of improving their performance in the game and their ability to recover.

HUMANOX HX50 smart shin guards measure more than forty metrics related not only to yours and your children’s physical health, but also measure many others related to the player’s game, making available to all players a kind of technology only available to professionals until now.

HUMANOX, new official sponsor of Osasuna Women

HUMANOX will be the main sponsor of Osasuna Women in the 2020/21 season. After the agreement, the technology startup’s logo will start appearing on the jerseys of the Fundación Osasuna Femenino’s first two teams, which will both compete in Reto Iberdrola and Primera Nacional respectively. The footballers will start wearing their HUMANOX printed clothing next weekend, when both teams make their debut on their corresponding competitions. Osasuna Women B will open the season playing, in Tajonar against C.D Castellón tomorrow at 11:30 am; while the first team will visit Zaragoza C.F.F at 12:00pm next sunday.

The agreement reached means one more step in the relationship between Club Atlético Osasuna and HUMANOX, which, together with Telefónica, will develop the Cantera Salud program in the next four years, a novel initiative aimed at improving the performance and health of the players of the entity. At the center of the project are HUMANOX’S innovative smart shin guards. The data the XH50 provide is processed through the HUMANOX soccer digital platform, based on data management linked to the use of the HX50 shin guards, made of carbon fiber, a very light and durable material, and equipped with intelligent sensors that offer thousands of data regarding the player who uses them, referring to their state of health or performance, during training sessions or during official matches, all in real time thanks to the mobile connectivity offered by Telefónica.

The data gathered is more than 50.000 bits per game, which it’s unique to each player, is then translated into 40 different metrics that are monitored on the player’s or coaching staff’s mobile phone, tablet or computer, including heart rate, fatigue index, force of the impacts received, speed, calories consumed, or movements on the field represented by a heat map and visualized through Google Earth on the app. Taking into account health and safety during the game, the HX50 smart shin guards include a temperature sensor that emits an alert through the app within the first five minutes the player is wearing them if the temperature surpasses the threshold for which you are considered to have a fever. This feature acquires special relevance in these times, where COVID-19 and its prevention is an important element in competitions and training.

Rafael Contreras, co-founder of HUMANOX, proclaims about the sponsorship “From HUMANOX, we are satisfied to be able to support a team such as Osasuna, specially the women’s team, so they can continue reaping success. I am happy to contribute to the improvement of the performance and care of the players though HUMANOX technology”

HUMANOX wins the Reimagine Football Award granted by UEFA and the EU

HUMANOX has won the Reimagine Football Award, in the International Football Innovation Platform category, against 329 other companies from 38 different countries that were competing for the Best Participation Award in Amateur and Recreational Football.

The awards have been promoted by the European Union, UEFA, KPMG, KMVB (Dutch football federation), the City Football Club (that brings together the main European football cities), AFC Ajax and the Johann Cruyff Arena, a Dutch stadium that hosted the jury when making their final decision, broadcasted by video conference.

All of them have launched the initiative of these Reimagine Football Awards, where companies from all over the world, from startups to large corporations, have presented smart innovations to reinvent football in the context of COVID-19: how to keep fans engaged while they cannot visit stadiums, how to create a safe and attractive environment for fans, players and staff in stadiums and how to allow youth and fans to continue playing and enjoying soccer.

Rafael Contreras, co-founder of Humanox, has declared “The fact that European football recognizes that the first intelligent and connected shin guards in the world that we have created at HUMANOX, are an innovation that is going to revolutionize the king of sports, fills us with satisfaction and motivation to keep working on a technological device that meets a real need in the world of football”. 

HUMANOX’S participation in these awards has been based in the world’s novelty of an intelligent and connected device, unique in the world, which in addition to providing the passive protection of carbon shin guards, are equipped with smart sensors that detect over 50.000 bits of real time raw data per player, that translates into 40 health and performance metrics. Starting with the measurement of the player’s temperature in the first five minutes – in the case of fever, issues an alert, an important control data at these times – It yields statistics such as speed, heart rate, kick strength, impacts received, sprinting time or heat map, among many others.

The HUMANOX spirit, according to its co-founders, “goes far beyond being a very useful tool for big teams, because we are also focused on amateur football, which for the first time has a device that provides information based on the player’s health, something that until now was linked to professional football exclusively.

In addition to health data that “gives parents peace of mind”, it is a device that “opens a path full of possibilities for scouting teams and coaches, since for the first time they can make decisions with reliable and objective informations thanks to Big Data on performance that is created about any category and anywhere”.

Several top teams hace shown their interest in these smart and connected shin guards to date, with two La Liga teams having already signed agreements with HUMANOX to use their smart shin guards, such as Club Atlético Osasuna, for the Cantera y Salud Program; and Cádiz Club de Fútbol.

In the case of the team from Navarra, over 16.000 children from their affiliated and associated clubs will be using them to combine health with sports practice; while the recently promoted to the First Division, Cádiz C.F, will be using them on the first team and all of its lower sections, and will become the first team in the Spanish League to use them, while also implementing them on a sports talent discovery program among all the football clubs linked to the Cadiz Football Club throughout the province of Cádiz, in which is estimated that 10.000 smart shin guards will be used.

HUMANOX successfully closes the first round of capital increase with one million euros.

HUMANOX Soccer has just completed its first round of investors, managing to increase its capital by one million euros through the creation of new social shares. The emerging company, which has launched the world’s first connected carbon shin guards, is boosting its business project with this first step during this time, when investments are very limited due to the effects and consequences of the covid-19 pandemic.

The startup has begun to close contracts with different first division football clubs to provide their smart shin guards, not only to the first teams and their subsidiaries, but also to their respective football quarries, extending the project to all clubs linked to them.

Although the HUMANOXsmart shin guards are preferably aimed at grassroots football, with more than a million sport licenses in Spain alone, professional football has had such a big response, that the startup has open negotiations with more than eight professional football clubs that have shown their interest in them.

Among the agreements already signed, is the progressive implantation of smart shin guards among all Osasuna’s youth soccer within their innovative “Cantera Salud” program, through which the  club from Navarra aspires to monitor the performance and the health status of more than 16.000 children. Another club that has already signed on to use the HUMANOX HX50 is the recently promoted to La Liga Santander, Cádiz Club de Fútbol, which will become the first team to use them on the spanish league. 

The incorporation of these smart shin guards to the market represents a revolution in the football world, as there has not been, until now, any device connected to m2m technology that could offer in real time metrics on sports performance and the player’s health, while being integrated on it’s equipment.

With HUMANOX’S HX50, unlimited possibilities open up thanks to Big Data and intelligent algorithms in a variety of fields: from optimizing scouting tasks, to early detection of talent, reducing health risks associated with playing soccer or the improvement of sporting performance of any professional or amateur player, among other possibilities.

HUMANOX uses its own technology, capable of extracting up to 50.000 bits of raw data per game or training session, obtained from the reading of the physical state and performance of each player made by the intelligent shin guards, adding to these technological capabilities the maximum level of passive protection for the player, being a device integrated into the latest generation carbon fiber shin guards, as resistant as steel.

The data collected is unique to each player and is translated into more than 40 different metrics though the HUMANOX platform and are monitored though a mobile phone, tablet or computer in real time, including the body temperature measurement during the first five minutes of wear, heart rate, fatigue index, force of the impact received, speed, calories…, up to level of dehydration.

With this capital increase, HUMANOX “reinforces the confidence of investors in this business project, with its first product on the market, the smart and connected HX50 shin guards, and strengthens their development and independence in the application of their business plan”, assesses Rafael Contreras, co-founder of the technology startup.

It’s “a very important step considering we have only just begun to glimpse the potential that carbon fiber shin guards have measuring the performance and health status of the player in real time, for the first time, and in the later developments that all of those metrics and millions of bits of data will have at the football level”.

“At HUMANOX we are convinced that we are going to be an essential “player” at a global level in the revolution that, for a sport such as football, until now quite analogical and with a slow migration to digital, will mean the incorporation of smart and connected devices, like the one we have created”.