HUMANOX at the FIFA annual certification event

Last week, FIFA held its annual monitoring system certification event (EPTS for its acronym in English -Electronic Performance Tracking System-) at the Nuevo Mirandilla stadium of Cádiz C.F. Companies from all over the world attended this event to obtain or renew their FIFA supplier license in each case. HUMANOX was present with its smart shin guards.

HUMANOX has been a member of the FIFA Innovation Programme since 2021. On this occasion, the company participated in the certification tests with the HUOX 50 shin guard system. It was the only IoT device present in the tests.

Our Director of Communication, Joaquín Martín, tells us about it in this video directly from the pitch of the Cádiz CF Stadium.

Humanox and Clinica Universidad Navarra receive the Ennova Health Award

Humanox and the Clinica Universidad de Navarra have received the Ennova Health Award in the IOT, Ehealth and wearables category for their collaboration with the HUOX 50 smart shin guards. The award is given by Diario Médico  of the Unidad Editorial group.

The award ceremony was held in Madrid and according to the same organization, the Ennova Health Awards were born to recognize digital initiatives that add value, contribute to the sustainability of the system and improve the quality of life of patients.

On behalf of the Clinica Universidad de Navarra, the award was collected by Enrique Cabrera, and on the side of Humanox, the award was collected by Javier Moreno, CEO of the company. In Moreno’s words “Receiving an award in the e-health category for smart shin guards is a confirmation of our vision to go further with this IOT product. And  to share that award with a prestigious and first level organization such as the Clinica Universidad de Navarra is an honor that we are delighted with”.

The Clinica Universidad de Navarra and Humanox signed an agreement last May whereby the Hospital would use the anonymous data provided by the HUOX 50 for research and studies on the prevention of injuries at an early age, as well as the study of heart conditions.


FIFA includes HUMANOX in its Innovation Programme

FIFA has welcomed HUMANOX in the FIP Program (FIFA Innovation Programme) for new technologies. Compared to other devices that are non-organic additions to a player’s equipment, the HUOX 50 shin guards are the only regulatory element that is already part of a footballer’s kit and that also provides information on monitoring, performance, and health.

The fact that Humanox shin guards offer other data in addition to tracking the player’s position and speed, such as heart rate, number of shots, calories, heat map, kicking speed, etc., is aligned with FIFA’s interest in exploring new technologies such as Humanox, to adjust or open new certification processes in the future.

In the FIFA Innovation Programme, together with HUMANOX, the Sports Data Campus – Catholic University of Murcia participates as an evaluating entity that will issue a report, and Cádiz CF, which will be the club where the shin guards will be used in different categories within of the different sessions that will take place in the FIFA Programme.

Nicolas Evans, Head of Football Research and Standards at FIFA says “The objective of the Innovation Programme is to better understand the potential of new innovations, in particular in light of making them more widely available to the football world. As such, working with tech companies such as Humanox can allow us to demonstrate added value for the game at many levels”.

Nicolas Evans, Head of Football Research and Standards at FIFA

Javier Moreno, CEO of Humanox declares “The fact that FIFA has included us in its innovation and new technologies program is a stimulus to our work to continue bringing the latest advances to football. Being the only smart device in the world that is part of a player’s kit is a breakthrough in non-invasive technology for both boys and girls and professionals. “

Humanox smart shin guards have already won the UEFA Reimagine Football Award in 2020, among 298 projects from 34 countries. This solution is currently applied by both professional teams from La Liga and the Primera RFEF in their different categories, as well as academies and amateur clubs in Spain, USA, Italy, Mexico among other countries.

Humanox already participated at the event that FIFA held last September at the Sevilla F.C. within its Electronic Performance Test System (EPTS) event. As part of the collaboration, in October, the company was invited to attend the annual Congress of the FIFA Quality Programme (FQP) that took place at the organization’s headquarters in Zurich.


Humanox in Italian

International expansion is a key element at Humanox. In 2021, we have opened subsidiaries in Great Britain and the United States, we closed agreements with youth soccer academies in US which give us presence in 11 North American states. There are players applying the smart shin guards in their trainings and games already in countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Japan, etc.

Now we go one step further and the Humanox App  is now available in Italian, both on IoS and Android. This enables Italian teams and players to benefit from access to health and performance metrics in their own language in an easier way.

Currently it was already available in Spanish and English, to which this third language is added. The Humanox team is already working on the implementation of new languages, as the platform and the application are available worldwide. To our Italian fans we say Grazie!

Humanox enters Luxembourg with Mamer 32 F.C.

Humanox continues its international expansion and this time opens a new market in Europe. The first team in Luxembourg using Humanox technology is the Mamer 32 F.C. The implementation of the HUOX Space platform, where the HX50 smart shin guards are integrated, has started with the first men’s team. From there, the Mamer 32 will extend the tool to other categories of the club. Specifically, the women’s team, which plays in the Luxembourg first division, and has won the league championship for five consecutive years.

The Mamer 32 F.C. is a team that will be 90 years old this season. It has almost 400 players distributed among 22 teams, and where the development of its grassroots players from 6 to 18 years old plays a fundamental role. Dean Léen, Vice President of the Mamer states “We are proud to be the first in Luxembourg to acquire a unique technology such as Humanox. We want to give the best to our players, both to the first teams and to the youth categories, and these smart shin guards can help us continue to evolve and win titles. “

Photo: Andjelko Makulin Left to right: Pedro Garcia, Joaquin Martin, Dean Léen, Vitor Pereira

Javier Moreno, co-CEO of Humanox, in reference to the international expansion of the company, says “We are pleased to work with the Mamer 32 F.C. as a customer. A serious club that applies technology in the care of its players. We are taking another step in Europe and entering a new market like Luxembourg, which in the last 20 years has bet heavily on youth football.” Luxembourg has 639,000 inhabitants and 39,000 federative licenses, that is, 6% of the population, which indicates the boom of football in this Central European country that occupies the first place in income per capita according to the IMF.

The Humanox team has been working with the technical staff of the Mamer 32 F.C. during the last months to support the implementation of the technology. Moreno completes, “Humanox has an international vocation from the beginning, and in the first part of 2021 we are executing our expansion plan successfully both in Europe and the US.”

As Pedro García, the club’s physical trainer, says, “We decided to work with the Humanox shin guards because we are very interested in knowing the individual and average physical load that the team can withstand.” Coach Vitor Pereira comments “Humanox data and metrics provide us with very valuable information both in training sessions and in games to get the best out of each player.”

Humanox entered the international scene  9 months ago when it won the UEFA Reimagine Football Award in October 2020, among 298 projects from 34 countries. From there, it opened subsidiaries in two of the most important markets in the world, Great Britain and the United States. In the latter, it has already signed 3 agreements to implant its smart shin guards in youth soccer academies in more than 12 states including Miami, New York, New Jersey, California, North Carolina, among others.

HUMANOX, founding member of Andalucia Futbol Tech

The presentation ceremony of Andalucía Fútbol Tech took place at the Confederation of Employers of Cádiz. This is the first Football and Technology cluster that integrates companies and institutions related to the world of sports and technology. Javier Sánchez, President of the CEC, Rafael Contreras, President of the Andalusia Fútbol Tech Cluster, Vice President of Cádiz C.F. and President of Humanox, Javier Moreno, co-CEO of Humanox, Julio Fariñas, CEO of Footters, José María Arrabal, Secretary General of Sports of the Junta de Andalucía, and Antonio Sanz, Deputy Minister of the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía.

The Cluster was born with the main idea that football is a driver of economic, social, technological and educational improvement in Andalusia in the post-Covid phase. Some of the objectives and lines of work of Andalucía Fútbol Tech are the promotion of member companies to positions of world leadership in the sports and health fields, while contributing to the economic, social, technological, educational and health development and Andalusia innovation.

Javier Sánchez, President of the CEC comments: “Today we begin a path where Business and Football have much to contribute, and where digital transformation plays a fundamental role. From the CEC we are already working on that line. ” Rafael Contreras, President of the Andalucía Fútbol Tech cluster, specified “Andalucía Fútbol Tech as an association of companies and institutions and with its defined lines of work can play a fundamental role in the recovery in the post-covid period, and contribute to a recovery from different levels ”.

Julio Fariñas, CEO of Footters shares “As CEO of Footers, I know that entrepreneurship is not easy and from Andalucía Fútbol Tech we reach out to Andalusian entrepreneurs and startups to help the industrial development of this sector, taking advantage of accumulated experience.” Javier Moreno , coCEO of HUMANOX, comments “As a Cluster it is important to be able to add strengths between companies and institutions, gain competitive advantages as a sector, and place Andalusia and its technology at an international level. At Humanox we place an emphasis on health, as well as player development. “

José María Arrabal, Secretary General for Sports of the Junta de Andalucía “Today we are witnessing the birth of a denomination of origin that will mark sport in Andalusia in the coming decades. Entrepreneurship, economic development and football have many possibilities, and the cluster is a catalyst.” Antonio Sanz, Deputy Minister of the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía completed “Andalucía Fútbol Tech is the seed of a project that combines modernity and new technologies in the postcovid phase. Linking football to the opportunity for growth and job creation at this time places us at the global technological forefront. With leading companies in the world, and made from Andalusia.”

The presence of leading companies in the sector such as Humanox and Footers, the first division club Cádiz CF, and the institutional support from the Confederation of Employers of Cádiz and the Junta de Andalucía, represent a solid beginning from which to continue building , adding and articulating the cluster throughout the Andalusian territory.