Humanox, creator of the X-PAD, new Official Sponsor of Cádiz C.F.

Humanox, a technological company focused on health and sports and creator of the X-PAD, becomes the new sponsor of Cádiz C.F for the next three seasons.

Cádiz, January 9th, 2021. HUMANOX, the health and sports tech company and creator of the X-PAD, has signed a sponsorship agreement with Cádiz C.F through which it becomes the Club’s Official Sponsor for the next three seasons. The act where the agreement took place was formalized at the Ciudad Deportiva Bahía de Cádiz, with the presence of the Club’s President, Manuel Vizcaíno, the Captains and main Coaches, and Montserrat Medina, Global Commercial Director at HUMANOX. The company’s logo will appear on the back of the first team’s jersey, above each player’s number.

HUMANOX launched the X-PAD in 2020, the world’s first carbon fiber connected shin guards, capable of collecting more than 50.000 bits of raw data from a player in a single match. The data, unique to each player, is processed through the HUMANOX digital platform and translated into more that 40 metrics that can be monitored on the player’s or coaches’s mobile device or computer. These metrics include variables such as heart rate, fatigue index, force of impacts received, speed, calories burned or position on the field represented by a heat map displayed on the app.

Taking health and safety into account, the X-PAD includes a temperature sensor that emits an alert if the player has a fever during the first five minutes of use. This acquires special relevance during these times, where prevention is a constant element in competitions and in training.

The X-PAD are unique in the world due to their characteristics, since they combine the capabilities of a mobile phone, the protection of a shin guard with advanced materials such as carbon fiber and a whole set of sensors with real-time connectivity that makes them  something new and different. The X-PAD is the device that welcomes you to the HUMANOX ecosystem, in which digital platform you can find sport, health, competition and training services. A whole enviroment dedicated to improve people’s daily life. HUMANOX and the X-PAD received the Reimagine Football Award 2020 granted by the UEFA Innovation Hub, the Johan Cruyff Arena and the City Football Group, where 298 from 34 different countries participated. The award recognized the innovative and technological nature of the HUMANOX X-PADs applied to football in a very rapidly changing context.

Manuel Vizcaíno, President of the Club, states that “The agreement continues to bring Cádiz C.F. to the forefront of technology. Data is essential in the world we live in, and this is the best way to increase our performance and prevent injuries”.

Montserrat Medina, HUMANOX Global Commercial Director, assures that “HUMANOX is proud to support such an historic Club like Cádiz C.F, especially in this special season where the team is where it belongs, in Laliga Santander. Effort, work, and continued improvement are values that we share at HUMANOX  and recognize in Cádiz C.F”.

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C.A. Osasuna’s “Cantera Salud Program” in collaboration with HUMANOX and Telefonica, winner of an EnerTIC award.

C.A. Osasuna’s “Cantera Salud” Program, in collaboration with Telefonica and HUMANOX, has been awarded an EnerTIC Award by EnerTIC, a platform aimed to contribute to the transformation of Information and Comunication Technologies in Spain, in favor of a more competitive and responsible economy. The awards are an initiative that allows identification and dissemination of success stories to raise awareness on the opportunities offered by digitalization.

The Program’s objective is to improve the health and performance of the more than 18.000 children from all clubs linked to C.A. Osasuna thanks to the HUMANOX HX50 smart shin guards together with Telefonica’s connectivity.

The user’s monitorization makes it possible to improve the training process, in addition to preventing possible injuries, while also contributing to the decrease in CO2 consumption, since C.A. Osasuna will obtain decisive data from players being analyzed without the need of massive face-to-face monitoring.

With all these factors, C.A. Osasuna consolidates itself as a benchmark in training processes for youth players, thanks to the latest IoT and BigData technology provided by HUMANOX and Telefonica’s connectivity, reinforcing the commitment the three entities have with the environment and sustainability.

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HUMANOX rises as one of the top 10 Best Funding Rounds in FootballTech 2020 in the prestigious FootballTech 2020 report from SportsTechX, the leading source of data and information on the technology surrounding this environment. SportsTechX is acclaimed for its reputable reports on sports and technology, that offer comprehensive descriptions on different topics related to these, and serve as a reference in the industry.

The report puts HUMANOX on the top 10 most successful startups in financing rounds ranking, with 9 other companies from 8 different countries in 2020. HUMANOX is the only Spanish company on the list, along with other startups from cities like London, Paris, Hamburg or Istanbul.

The smart shin guard company, HUMANOX, appears at number 7 thanks to the 1.5 million euros capital increase carried on July, ahead of companies from Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Edinburgh and Seoul. The report highlights HUMANOX in the section on products that mark a new era in the world of football, along with German and Australian companies, for equipment sensitization and big data collection during the players’s activity, more than 50.000 per game.

Among those present, there are companies aimed at creating new ways of interacting and engaging with fans, scouting, or, as in HUMANOX’s case, smart wereables. A wide variety of innovative solutions that aim at improving the environment surrounding football and are undeniably revolutionizing it. It also should be noted that, between the years 2015 and 2020, 216 million dollars have been raised in financing rounds in this industry, with the companies that occupy the top of the global ranking being: the UK, Germany, Israel, France and the United States.

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HUMANOX in the FootballTech 2020 Report by SportsTechX

SportsTechX is the world’s leading source of data and information on startups related to technology and sports and their surrounding environment, with the general objective of growing the international ecosystem, being a benchmark for all startups in the sports and technological world. 

In addition, SportsTechX publishes reputable reports on technology in sports, such as the recent FootballTech Report 2020, where representatives from some of the most important clubs and organizations in the world have participated: Jean-Baptiste Alliot, from the UEFA Innovation Hub; Minerva Santana from LaLiga; Mathieu Lacome, from Paris Saint-Germain; Albert Mundet, from the Barça Innovation Hub; Stefan Mennerich, from Bayern Munich; or Giel Kirkels, from KNVB and Sander Van Stiphout, International Director of the Johan Cruyff Arena, who mention HUMANOX in an interview present in the report as one of the startups that have contributed to the adaptation of football in the Covid-19 pandemic context.

HUMANOX has been highlighted for its funding’s success, as well as its innovative character in the field of sports tech and being awarded the Reimagine Football Award, an initiative promoted by the European Union, UEFA, KPMG, KMVB, City Football Group, AFC Ajax and Johan Cruyff Arena, aiming to reinvent football during the pandemic: how to keep fans engaged while they cannot visit stadiums, how to create a safe environment for fans and stadium staff and how to allow youth and fans to continue enjoying football.

The company is led by Benjamin Penkert, a Sportstech  expert who has worked as a consultant and strategy expert for large companies before joining the start up community; and Rohn Malholtra, who has also had an interesting career as a consultant and company co-founder. Together they have developed a structured framework for the SportsTech industry, in addition to hosting a podcast and appearing as keynote speakers at events and conferences.

SporsTechX supports startups in their business development and works with investors and organizations from the technological and sports world and related industries, offering services in the fields of innovation strategy, market intelligence and startup initiatives. The mention in the FootballTech Report 2020 consolidates HUMANOX as a leading startup in the sports technology field that has revolutionized football, especially grassroots football, making this type of technology available for all categories of this sport.

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HUMANOX makes technology available for youth soccer

Grassroots footballs or youth soccer is a term used to refer to football categories in which boys and girls that have not yet reached a professional level play. In these teams the players receive the first basic football lessons that will help them develop as footballers.

This training is essential for children’s growth in football, as it lays the foundations for their future in terms of technical issues and understanding of the game, as well as refining their physical qualities. At HUMANOX we are aware of the difference that an appropriate training can have for children, and our goal is to put the best technology in football at their disposal, which had only been available to professional teams up until now.

Thanks to the HX50 shin guards it’s possible to monitor children’s health while they play football, something that up until now was only possible in professional categories. The HX50 provide detailed information on metrics such as heart rate, maximum heart rate, recovery time or fatigue index. Knowing all of this guarantees a safe practice for children, and it can be useful to avoid possible injuries or to facilitate early detection of latent pathologies.

In addition, the HX50 are equipped with a body temperature sensor able to issue an alert if the user’s temperature goes above 38ºC during the first five minutes of use, in order to support grassroots football and take care of children during the pandemic.

The HUMANOX HX50 smart shin guards collect more than 50.000 bits of raw data for each player and in every game or training session, and the HUMANOX platform transforms it into more than 40 metrics about their health and performance. This data can be monitored in real time though the HUMANOX app, and gets stored so it can be analyzed to understand the origin of possible injuries, making transfers from club to club or simply to improve the player’s performance.

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HUMANOX merges together technology and sports

Technology is evolving at a very fast pace; nowadays it’s almost impossible to imagine any area of our life that doesn’t benefit from technological advances, and the field of sports is no exception. Still, there are certain metrics about physical condition or performance that have always been out of reach for amateur athletes.

At HUMANOX we work with the best IoT and Big Data technology, along with real-time connectivity provided by Telefonica,  and we want to make it accesible for all athletes, wether they compete professionally or not. Iván Contreras, HUMANOX co-founder, assures that “Our goal is to apply technology to real life, without adding elements that are not commonly used”.

Our smart shin guards are the world’s first connected carbon shin guards, measuring approximately 50.000 bits of raw data for every player, and in every training session or match. This is translated to over 40 metrics related to the player’s health and performance. From heart rate or calories burned, to the force of the impacts received, these shin guards allow footballers from all categories to be able to exploit their full potential while taking care of their health.

In addition, the HUMANOX platform is capable of storing the player’s entire football life, creating a history of data that offers a wide range of new possibilities for trainers and players themselves.

HUMANOX has turned an element that was already in the lives of many football players, such as shin guards, and together with our IoT and Big Data solutions and real-time connectivity provided by Telefónica, has turned them into a great ally for players and coaches, especially in youth soccer, bringing this category to a type of technology that had always been out of reach, and facilitating tasks such as scouting or injury prevention.  

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Improve your sports diet with HUMANOX

We should all try to maintain a healthy diet. According to the World Health Organization “Eating a healthy diet throughout life helps prevent malnutrition in all its forms, as well as different non genetically transmitted diseases and disorders”. 

Even so, the consumption of ultra-processed foods has increased exponentially in recent years, unlike the consumption of healthy and fresh foods, which has decreased. This has a very negative impact, especially for the young population, which according to the Spanish Ministry of Health, already has an obesity percentage of 13,9% in Spain. The rates of childhood obesity are so high than the World Health Organization has declared it “one of the most serious public health problems of the 21st century”. Whether it is to  maintain a healthy weight, to loose weight or to gain it, keeping a balanced diet must be essential.

Diet has an even more important role when we are active and practice sports, since caloric consumption increases, and it’s necessary to adjust it according to the amount and intensity of the excercise performed. At HUMANOX, we are aware of the importance of a correct sports diet, and we have equipped our smart shin guards with technology that makes it possible to monitor your diet to maintain your sports performance.

The HX50 smart shin guards are capable of calculating the number of calories burned in each game or training session, and can also set a daily calorie goal. You can even check the accumulated weekly and monthly burned calories. Knowing all these metrics will allow you to reduce risk of injury, ensure a faster recovery and improve your performance while playing football. 

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HUMANOX selected among the best Spanish startups in 2020

HUMANOX has been selected by The Startup Pill, a global community based in London where startup founders, investors and consultants share resources, as one of the best Spanish startups founded in 2020. The selected startups have a wide variety of innovation approaches both inside and outside of Spain and have been selected for their exceptional performance in categories such as innovation, growth, management and social impact. 

This adds to the recent recognition HUMANOX had by the Reimagine Football Platform, which awarded the company with the Reimagine Football Award in the Football Innovation Platform International Category, against 294 companies from 38 different countries. These awards are promoted by the European Union, UEFA, the KMVB (Royal Dutch Football Association), the City Football Club, the AFC Ajax and the Johann Cruyff Arena, and their aim is to reward football community cooperation and to contribute to the creation of a safe environment for soccer fans during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since its launch in March, HUMANOX managed to complete its first round of investors in July, increasing its capital by one million euros through the creation of new social shares. In addition, HUMANOX has closed contracts with first division football clubs and quarries.

HUMANOX participates in the Cantera Salud Program promoted by Club Atlético Osasuna. The project’s main goal is to improve the health and performance of the more than 16.000 players in its quarry with the collaboration of Telefónica, which favors the incorporation of IoT and Big Data solutions in the shin guards.

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Football benefits for children

Football is one of the most practiced sports in the world, even being part of the culture on some countries and having become such an ingrained tradition that children all over the world are also great fans of this sport and its famous teams. But football is more than just a mass sport: practicing it brings many health benefits, and at HUMANOX, we want them to be able to practice it in the safest way possible

The physical advantages that football brings are innumerable, from improving motor coordination, since it requires constant body movement, to streghthening muscles and bones or helping children maintain a healthy weight, a very important topic nowadays, since according to the World Health Organization “The number of obese children and adolescents between the ages of 9 and 15 has multiplied by ten in the world in the last four decades”.

With HUMANOX H50 smart shin guards, you can monitor a wide range of metrics related to your son’s or daughter’s health through your mobile phone, such as heart rate or calories burned, all of this while they play or train with the shin guards on.

This being said, football does not only provide health benefits, it is also a great way of socialization for boys and girls, favoring communication skills development and promoting teamwork, while also helping to overcome shyness and improving self esteem, making the practice of this sport highly recommended for them.

In addition, to guarantee a safe practice during the covid-19 pandemic, HUMANOX has equipped the HX50 smart shin guards with a body temperature measurement system, which emits an alert if it exceeds 38ºC during the first 5 minutes of wear.

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HUMANOX sends a fever alert for a safe game

COVID-19 has affected all aspects of people’s lives around the globe, and soccer has been no exception. Both health authorities and soccer federations worldwide have had to create new measures to ensure that this sport can continue to be played in the safest way possible during this  time.

At HUMANOX, we are aware of the importance of the existence of devices that facilitate that all soccer players, from professional competition to youth soccer, get to practice this sport while protecting their health and everyone’s around them. Because of this, we have equipped our HX50 smart shin guards with a temperature alarm sensor, which issues an alert if the player’s exceed 38ºC during the first 5 minutes of wear, all from your mobile phone or tablet.

The concept of mobile-assisted health, or mHealth, is already recognized by the World Health Organization, and according to it “has come to stay”. The HUMANOX HX50 can be considered a mHealth device, monitoring health, democratizing access to information related to the state of our body, and monitoring it.

In Europe, the European MHealth Hub is led from Spain, specifically from Andalucía. An initiative where all member states participate, the EC itself, and the World Health Organization, and that “collects and shares national experiences to help countries and regions establish mHealth programs at a global level.

Thanks to a technology that ranges from geolocation, miniature sensors or high sensitivity microphones, together with 2G/3G communications, HUMANOX works anywhere in the world, making it possible for football fans to practice it safely, and bringing this concept of “mobile assisted health” closer to sports, with the aim of improving people’s quality of life.

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