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    Board of directors
    Rafael Contreras
    Cofounder & Chairman

    Co-founder and Chairman of our Board of Directors. He is a Doctor in Social Sciences and Economist from the University of Cádiz, Master in Strategic Consulting from the University of Bologna, and Executive in Leadership and Technology from MIT. Rafael has founded and presided over the last ten years the listed company Carbures, and then AIRTIFICIAL; he re-founded the mythical Torrot brand, and created the first electric motorcycle sharing company in Spain, MUVING. His career as a technological entrepreneur covers two decades with unique projects such as the first real-size capsule of the Hyperloop supersonic train, or the 100m2 carbon fiber roof of the Norman Foster Foundation in Madrid. He has various publications both by his own and collectively on HR, Management, Technology by Editorial Ariel, Fundación MAPFRE, University of Cádiz. Among the awards granted, it is worth to highlight the one awarded by the European Community to Carbures “Most International Minded European Small and Midcap Award”; National Award “El Suplemento” to Torrot for its environmental commitment; and Muving Award as the most innovative Start up of the year 2017 granted by OMEXPO, the reference e-marketing and digital commerce trade show in Spain. HUMANOX has been awarded by UEFA with the “Reimagine Football Award 2020”, among 298 projects from 34 countries.

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    Iván Contreras
    Cofounder & CoCEO

    Co-founder and co-CEO. He has a Degree in Sports Management (School of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences) from the University of Barcelona, a Master in International Business from the EOI, and an Executive in Leadership and Innovation from MIT. For two decades, he has created different technological companies at an international level. He was founder, CEO and Director of Carbures USA in 2010, and in 2014 he re-founded the Spanish brand TORROT, leading the creation of electric and connected vehicles for both children and adults. In 2017, he co-founded MUVING, a leading electric mobility sharing company in the sector, in Spain and internationally, both with vehicles and with its own mOS system, applying IOT and Artificial Intelligence. Regarding recognitions, it has received the Muving Award as the most innovative Start up of the year 2017 granted by OMEXPO, the reference e-marketing and digital commerce fair in Spain; or the most recent in 2020, the “Reimagine Football” Award to HUMANOX, awarded by UEFA among 34 countries and 298 projects.

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    Javier Moreno

    Co-CEO. He is Doctor in Social and Legal Sciences from the University of Cádiz, Naval Engineer, MBA from the GDO Business School, Master in Intermediation and Master in Resource Management and Skills for Management Teams from the University of Cádiz, Executive Master in Innovation from the EOI. He has more than 20 years in managerial positions and on various boards of directors. He has directed AIRTIFICIAL’s Aerospace and Defense Division as chief executive for more than a decade. His executive responsibilities have always held the highest position in organizations such as CEO and General Management level. His international experience covers Mexico, the United States, Europe and Asia, especially China, where he led the implementation of AIRTIFICIAL in that country. In China, he was a member of the Board of Directors of Carbures Guanglian with executive functions. Likewise, he was Chairman of the Board of the Atlantic University of Lisbon, in Portugal, between 2014 and 2017, and Director until 2020. In Mexico, Director of the Professional Planning and Projects Group. He has carried the last responsibility in extraordinary technological projects such as the world’s first Duke of Alba of composites, or the first full-size passenger capsule of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.

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    Juan Ignacio Peinado

    is Doctor of Law, University Professor of the Commercial Law area of the University of Malaga and lawyer (Of Counsel de Garrigues). He was Director of the Commercial Law Department at Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo Abogados, and director of various listed companies such as Ezentis and Vértice 360, where he also held the position of Secretary of the Board. He was also Deputy Secretary of the Board of Airtificial Intelligence Structures and Chief Compliance Officer at Carbures Europe, a company listed on the MAB. Academically he has been Dean of the School of Social and Legal Sciences of the University of Jaén. He is the author of more than one hundred and fifty research papers, published in Germany, Argentina, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and the USA.

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    María Jesús Guerrero

    is Professor of Commercial Law at the Pablo de Olavide University of Seville (accredited since 2012). She has been General Secretary of the International University of Andalusia (UNIA) for eight years, where she directed the Extenda Chair. She has been a member of the Civil Aviation Accident and Incident Investigation Commission in Spain (CIAIAC) from 2010 to 2018 and has participated as an expert in working groups at the International Civil Aviation Organization (Safety Information Protection) and Eurocontrol (Just Culture). He is an arbitrator of the Association for Mediation and Arbitration (ASEMARB). She combines her academic activities with collaborations in the private sector, preparing opinions for law firms and companies. She has been a member of the Board of Directors of Carbures, S.A. She is the author of numerous publications on topics of her specialty, especially those related to company law, air law, and international trade law. She has published seven monographic works, three co-authored books, and has edited another five as director or coordinator. His publications are abundant in legal journals (35) and in collective books (49). He was responsible for the Corporate Law section in the Business Law Magazine (“La Ley”). Regular speaker at national and international congresses. He has four five-year teaching periods and five six-year terms, one for transfer and four for research. He collaborates in pre-legislative works, highlighting his participation in the Commercial Code Draft, as a member of the General Codification Commission; and is part of the Editorial Board of various scientific journals.

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    José María Vallejo

    He has a Degree in Economics from the University of Seville. Deputy Director General for International Tax Affairs between 2001 and 2003; Finance Counselor and Permanent Representative of Spain to the EU between 2003 and 2008; for two years, between 2009 and 2011 he was a partner in the tax department of KPMG, and since 2011 he is the Global Head of the Tax department of BBVA. He has held positions on the Board of Directors of various companies such as Airtificial, Muving, and currently Humanox.

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    Ana Malvárez

    She holds a Degree in Laws and a Master’s Degree in Business Legal Advice from the University of Malaga. She is a member of the Malaga Bar Association and a collaborating professor in the Department of Commercial Law at the University of Malaga. She began his professional career in 2008, focusing her work on advising companies as an in-house counselor, and later in different offices run by partners of the big four firms. Eventually she assumed the position of head of the commercial matters area, assistance in a situation of economic crisis, advising companies on any matter related to corporate law, business restructuring processes, Secretaries of Boards of Directors, bankruptcy procedures, etc. Likewise, she has participated in various publications in the legal field, related to the liability of administrators.

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    • Last week, FIFA held its annual monitoring system certification event (EPTS for its acronym in English -Electronic Performance Tracking System-) at the Nuevo Mirandilla stadium of Cádiz C.F. Companies from all over the world attended this event to obtain or renew their FIFA supplier license in
    • Humanox and the Clinica Universidad de Navarra have received the Ennova Health Award in the IOT, Ehealth and wearables category for their collaboration with the HUOX 50 smart shin guards. The award is given by Diario Médico  of the Unidad Editorial group. The award ceremony was held in Madrid and
    • FIFA has welcomed HUMANOX in the FIP Program (FIFA Innovation Programme) for new technologies. Compared to other devices that are non-organic additions to a player’s equipment, the HUOX 50 shin guards are the only regulatory element that is already part of a footballer’s kit and that