HUOX 50 shin guard

Imagine running faster, hitting harder, avoiding injuries, playing better… Anything is possible with the Humanox HUOX 50.

Our shin guards process more than 50,000 data per training or match, offering you more than 40 metrics aimed not only at improving your sports performance, but also at taking care of your health.

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Monitor your performance

Measure your fatigue, calculate distances and speeds, heart rate, strength and ball hit, position statistics and many other metrics more.

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Carbon fiber based strength

  • > High impact absorption
  • > Ultralight, flexible and comfortable
  • > Flexible technology
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Subscribe to the platform to record and see your metrics

Monthly subscription: 4,5€ (VAT incl)

Annual subscription: 43€ (VAT incl – 20% discount)

Record your matches and check your metrics at the HUOX Space platform

ccess through the website itself, or through the Humanox app available on Android and iOS, and manage your trainings or your children´s sessions from the platform. Follow the training or match data live in real time, or check them out, as soon as you finish the session, on your own profile. Have fun following other players, and allowing others to follow you. So you can show your successes and goals achieved.

HUOX 50 smart shin guards communicate with the environment in real time

Wireless charging: Your shin guards charge in less than two hours and provide up to 6 hours of activity without recharging.

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VAT included

The pack includes the smart shin guards, wireless charging base, USB cable and protection bag.

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Detailed description

Technical specifications
Quick user guide
Feature Feature Feature
2 High precision accelerometers and up to 16G. 2 High precision gyrometers. Pedometer and free fall detection.
Geolocation using Glonass, Beidu and Galileo GPS constellation satellites. 2G and 3G communications. HUMANOX works anywhere in the world thanks to the widest range of coverage. Chipled miniature photo sensor with wide spectral response.
HUMANOX is governed by a 48Mhz M3 arm cortex CPU. Ultra low consumption Bluetooth 4.2 intercom. High sensitivity microphone that allows to distinguish kicks to the ball from other hits.
Wireless charging. Charge your shin guards in less than an hour and a half. Up to 6 hours of use without recharging the batteries.

Your HUOX 50 set includes a bag to store your shin guards, a charging base, and a USB cable for charging.

Know your HUOX 50

The HUOX 50 smart shin guards are a sensorized device with real-time connection, equipped with high technology made available to the user. These shin guards are made of carbon fiber, which makes them very light. Its mechanical properties allow that the strength of any received impact is distributed over the entire surface, thus reducing the power of the impact that the player receives.

HUOX 50 internal part

Both shin guards, left and right, are different both in their internal design and in their functionalities. To differentiate between the left and right shin guards, note that the left HUOX 50 has a built-in sensor with three LEDs, while the right HUOX 50 has a single LED. In addition, on the outside, the HUOX 50 is labeled “Left” (left shin guard) and “Right” (right shin guard).

Turning on your shin

They must first be charged (page 13 of this guide). Turning on the HUOX 50 is very simple, you just have to hold the shin guard with one hand and, with two fingers of the other hand, tap twice on the inner central part to turn it on. This process must be done with each shin guard. There is not a preference to turn the left or right first. Turn them on outdoors before starting your match or training.

The game Physical state The field
Average speed.Current heart rate.Position map.
Sprinting speed.Average heart rate.Speed zones.
Maximum speed.Maximum heart rate.Acceleration zones.
Maximum intensity accelerations.Recovery time.Deceleration zones.
Lowest intensity decelerationsOptimal training heart rateHeat map
Highest intensity runs (+22km/h)Normal recovery heart rate
Trot (6-14km/h)Fatigue index
% sprinting timeDehydration alert
% running timeCalories burned
% walking timeCalorie target
% standing timeTotal weekly calories
Total activity timeTotal monthly calories
Distance covered
High intensity distance
Number of impacts
Number of contacts with the ball
Ball possession time
Number of passes
Leg use
Shots made


  • Can I return the shin guards?

    Yes, as long as they are in perfect conditions and within 15 days after the purchase date.

  • How do they turn on and off?

    The HUMANoX shin guards are turned on by tapping twice on the interior side. To turn them off there are 3 ways: i) after two minutes of total inactivity; ii) inserting them in the charging base while this is plugged to a power source; iii) directly from the website platform, in the section called “My shin guards”.

  • What can I do if I forget my password?

    Access to the main screen of the platform before logging in. Click the button “Forgot my password”. You will receive an email with a link to create a new password.

  • Should I have with me the device to which the smart shinguards are connected while I am playing or training?

    No. Once we have started the session, we do not need to have the device with us. At the end of the session, we have just to get the device, and to press the “Stop” button.

  • What is the warranty?

    The warranty period is for two years since the moment of delivery of the product.

  • Do I need to subscribe to the platform in order to see my metrics?

    Yes. You need an active subscription to have access to the information that your shin guards collect.

  • Can I see my metrics if I do not have an active subscription to the platform?

    Yes. You can see the metrics of your past sessions. But you need an active subscription in order to start new sessions, and to generate and see new metrics.

  • Is the subscription to the platform included in the purchase of the smart shin guards?

    No. They are two different operations. You can purchase only the HUOX 50 shin guards, or you can subscribe to the platform separately. The subscription to the platform is not included with the purchase of the device.