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Technology applied to human beings

HUMANOX is a technology company specialized in the health and sports sectors. Our vision “Technology applied to human beings”, aims to provide people with technology in their daily lives that improves their functionalities.


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Latest news

  • Last week, FIFA held its annual monitoring system certification event (EPTS for its acronym in English -Electronic Performance Tracking System-) at the Nuevo Mirandilla stadium of Cádiz C.F. Companies from all over the world attended this event to obtain or renew their FIFA supplier license in
  • Humanox and the Clinica Universidad de Navarra have received the Ennova Health Award in the IOT, Ehealth and wearables category for their collaboration with the HUOX 50 smart shin guards. The award is given by Diario Médico  of the Unidad Editorial group. The award ceremony was held in Madrid and
  • FIFA has welcomed HUMANOX in the FIP Program (FIFA Innovation Programme) for new technologies. Compared to other devices that are non-organic additions to a player’s equipment, the HUOX 50 shin guards are the only regulatory element that is already part of a footballer’s kit and that