C.A. Osasuna’s “Cantera Salud Program” in collaboration with HUMANOX and Telefonica, winner of an EnerTIC award.

C.A. Osasuna’s “Cantera Salud” Program, in collaboration with Telefonica and HUMANOX, has been awarded an EnerTIC Award by EnerTIC, a platform aimed to contribute to the transformation of Information and Comunication Technologies in Spain, in favor of a more competitive and responsible economy. The awards are an initiative that allows identification and dissemination of success stories to raise awareness on the opportunities offered by digitalization.

The Program’s objective is to improve the health and performance of the more than 18.000 children from all clubs linked to C.A. Osasuna thanks to the HUMANOX HX50 smart shin guards together with Telefonica’s connectivity.

The user’s monitorization makes it possible to improve the training process, in addition to preventing possible injuries, while also contributing to the decrease in CO2 consumption, since C.A. Osasuna will obtain decisive data from players being analyzed without the need of massive face-to-face monitoring.

With all these factors, C.A. Osasuna consolidates itself as a benchmark in training processes for youth players, thanks to the latest IoT and BigData technology provided by HUMANOX and Telefonica’s connectivity, reinforcing the commitment the three entities have with the environment and sustainability.


HUMANOX rises as one of the top 10 Best Funding Rounds in FootballTech 2020 in the prestigious FootballTech 2020 report from SportsTechX, the leading source of data and information on the technology surrounding this environment. SportsTechX is acclaimed for its reputable reports on sports and technology, that offer comprehensive descriptions on different topics related to these, and serve as a reference in the industry.

The report puts HUMANOX on the top 10 most successful startups in financing rounds ranking, with 9 other companies from 8 different countries in 2020. HUMANOX is the only Spanish company on the list, along with other startups from cities like London, Paris, Hamburg or Istanbul.

The smart shin guard company, HUMANOX, appears at number 7 thanks to the 1.5 million euros capital increase carried on July, ahead of companies from Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Edinburgh and Seoul. The report highlights HUMANOX in the section on products that mark a new era in the world of football, along with German and Australian companies, for equipment sensitization and big data collection during the players’s activity, more than 50.000 per game.

Among those present, there are companies aimed at creating new ways of interacting and engaging with fans, scouting, or, as in HUMANOX’s case, smart wereables. A wide variety of innovative solutions that aim at improving the environment surrounding football and are undeniably revolutionizing it. It also should be noted that, between the years 2015 and 2020, 216 million dollars have been raised in financing rounds in this industry, with the companies that occupy the top of the global ranking being: the UK, Germany, Israel, France and the United States.