The company

HUMANOX is a technology company specialized in the health and sports sectors. Our vision “Technology applied to human beings”, aims to provide people with technology in their daily lives that improves their functionalities.

Co-founded in 2020 by Rafael and Iván Contreras, technological entrepreneurs who accumulate two decades of experience, each one applying high technology in different sectors, Humanox is positioned as a global leader in the sports tech sector.

HUMANOX provides its own solutions through our connected devices, and the HUOX Space platform, leading the transformation of both professional and amateur athletes in football.

The company’s global presence is materialized in 4 offices and 3 countries: El Puerto de Santa María and Madrid (Spain), Miami (USA) and London (UK). Humanox has international activity in other countries such as Italy, Mexico, Japan, Germany.

Javier Moreno
Ana Malvárez
Legal Director
Joaquín Martín
Communications & IR Director
Rafael Repiso
Operations Director
Montserrat Medina
Commercial Director
Lourdes Ortiz
Financial Director